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Keeping Cool

When most people consider their home or business air conditioning system, they think of the finished product, that is, does it keep me cool?

Everyone knows that a heated liquid boils away into a gas, and that a cooled gas condenses into a liquid. Air conditioning works on another scientific principle, that a gas sufficiently compressed will turn into a liquid and release heat in the process. Also, a compressed liquid, when allowed to expand into a gas, will draw heat out of the surrounding air. In practice, refrigerant is compressed into a liquid in the compressor (releasing the hot air you feel blowing out of your condensing unit). This liquid travels to the evaporator coils in the air handler where it is allowed to expand back into a gas, drawing heat from the surrounding air. A fan blows this cool air into your home or business keeping you, the customer, cool. The expanded gas is returned to the condenser to start the cycle over again.

Jay Hoover, the president of Integrity Air, would say that air conditioning is much more complicated than the about explanation. I would tell him that if our customers understood air conditioning as well as he did, Integrity Air would go out of business.

Courtesy of "Jeff Bowers"

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