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Germ Warfare

Jay Hoover of IntegrityAir is right in one respect: todayís air conditioning systems have to do more than cool. Cool air carries less water vapor than warm air. That vapor condenses into water as heat is being removed from the air in the air handler. That water is drained off outside the building. (Donít worry about your lawn; itís only water.)

No matter how well water is removed from your air handler, moisture can still be a problem. Mold and microbes can grow on the evaporator coils and the drain pan, ending up in the air of your home or business. This can cause comfort and health problems. An extreme example would be Legionnaireís Disease, which afflicted 182 American Legion conventioneers in Philadelphia in 1976. It was attributed to a microbe going through the large central air conditioning system of their hotel.

One solution some air conditioning technicians have is to put a coating on the evaporator coil that repels mold and microbes. However, the coating also repels moisture which could end up on the insulation, allowing mold to grow there.

There are three ways to victory in germ warfare:

  • Better filters. Integrity Air can supply you with high quality filters.
  • Top Performance. Our Top Performance customers have their evaporator coils cleaned on a regular basis, and are supplied with high quality polyester tackified filters.
  • Anti-microbial treatment system.  Ultraviolet short wave energy ("C" band) has been used to control microbe growth for more than 70 years, and the technology has been adapted for air conditioning systems.

High-quality, properly installed UVC germicidal light sources will prevent microbe growth and kill airborne organisms in an air conditioning system. These light sources come in various shapes and sizes to fit most air handlers and produce no secondary contamination, such as gases or fumes which could harm people, equipment or furniture. It is the cleanest, most efficient way to healthy air available today.

If you have any questions about UVC germicidal light or any aspect of air cleanliness, Integrity Air is available to meet your comfort needs. Call us.

Courtesy of "Jeff Bowers"

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