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Problems Are Not Solved By Equipment Alone

Priorities when replacing equipment as per The Trane Company

1. Choose a Dealer. Without the right installation, you could waste fifty cents of every dollar and be uncomfortable as well! A study by the North Carolina Alternative Energy Corp, a non-profit organization, found that 90% of the units tested exhibited some form of energy wasting problem. The proper installation is required to get the rated performance, both capacity (heating or cooling ability) and efficiency (energy savings, like gas mileage for an automobile).

2. Choose a reputable manufacturer. We service all brands and recommend Trane.

3. Change filters and have it serviced regularly. Even a light film of dirt on the indoor coil can reduce efficiency by 10%.

4. To make sure that your installation is in the top 10% of the industry, Integrity Air will install our "quiet package" including vibration eliminators and turning vanes where needed in the ductwork. We are certified "Air Balance Specialists" and can solve problems like uneven temperatures between rooms. To save energy we charge the refrigerant to manufacturer's specification and insulate the duct line. To improve reliability we flush the condensate drain system and braze the refrigerant tubing with 15% silver brazing alloy as this reduces the likelihood of refrigerant leaks. With "Safety First" electrical package we use only copper wire and we mark HVAC breakers. When complete we clean to your satisfaction and provide customer training.

Courtesy of "Integrity Air"

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